Less smell: Cannabis has a strong and earthy smell that some people find bothersome. Vaporizers aren’t totally odorless, but they do minimize the smell because the cannabis isn’t burned.
Easy to use: Vaporizers can be less messy and require fewer steps to use. In general, all you need to do is keep the vaporizer charged and loaded with oil, wax, or herb.
Wastes less cannabis: Especially when compared to pipes and joints, vaporizers require less cannabis to achieve the desired effects. Doses are more potent, so you do not need to inhale as much.
More affordable: The upfront cost of purchasing a vaporizer can be more expensive, but cannabis concentrates last much longer than herb that is combusted.
No secondhand smoke: Vaporizing THC products does reduce the amount of carcinogens that others in the vicinity are exposed to. However, THC can still be detected in secondhand vapor.3
Consistent doses: THC concentrations are often more consistent from one inhale of a vaporizer to the next, and the effects are almost instant. Conversely, it can take up to three hours after eating an edible to feel any effects at all.
Cleaner hit: Vaporizers may offer a purer and more potent hit than combusted cannabis, and the vapor may contain fewer toxins. Granted, this is only the case if the THC product is not contaminated with anything harmful.
Accessible in more places: Vaporizers can often be used in parks and public spaces, outside of work, in the home, or other places where cigarette or cannabis smoke is not tolerated.




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